BeTagged Launches Influencer Commerce Marketplace

In Southeast Asia over 456 million people spend over 3 hours on social media every day getting influenced by over 850,000 Influencers. 

Our latest venture, InCom, short for Influencer Commerce, is a marketplace that enables commerce for brands through influencers, powered by attribution algorithms. With a pay-as-you-sell model, InCom is the perfect solution for startups, SMEs, and larger brands looking for high-performance, sales orientation.

By using Machine Learning & AI, InCom empowers Influencers to earn-as-you-sell, allowing them to select and recommend relevant products & services to their audiences.

About Us

BeTagged started operations in 2019 and further deepened its commitment by launching an Influencer marketing platform in the last quarter of 2020.

BeTagged in a space of a few months has attracted the interest of influencers, advertisers and investors alike with a cutting edge approach to Influencer marketing and a robust plan to create the largest influencer commerce network.

“Convenience, Efficiency & Transparency for Brands, Products & Services Investing in The influencer Eco System”

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influencer Marketing

360 Degree Solution for your Influencer Marketing needs

AI Powered Platform

Influencer Marketing and commerce platform with infinite capabilities

Influencer Commerce

Enabling brands to sell products to communities via Influencers

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“We like to work with BeTagged as a partner to maximise our campaign’s performance. Their team is also attentive and very pleasant!”

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“Awesome team! They understand tight turnaround basis client demands. With their new influencer discovery platform for Indonesia, I am sure it will be well received by the industry”

Rina Simon

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“Happy to have BeTagged as our partner. They were able to manage multiple projects in different cities at the same time. Awesome work!”

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