BeTagged Platform
The most comprehensive Influencer marketing platform driven by AI in Indonesia
9000+ Influencers
Access data on more than 9000+ influencers in Indonesia in one place
Advanced Influencer Search
Influencer search made convenient & efficient. Select influencers as per your requirement using multiple advanced filters
Keyword Tracking
Search & select influencers over 4 platforms using keyword based search - hashtags, fields, etc
Influencer Scoring Mechanism
Choose influencers on the basis of their BeTagged Score, a measure of true influence within categories
Campaign Tracking
Track campaign effectiveness and ROI's real-time, allowing advertisers to make in-market changes to get higher returns
Full Service
The hyperlocal executive team based in Indonesia provides end to end services for Influencer marketing including campaign communication, contracts & execution
Strategy Services
High level team providing content to commerce strategy for companies using Influencers
Influencer Insights
In depth data & analysis of Influencers performance including sentiment analysis akin to social listening
Sector Specific
Competitive edge through Sector specific intel and tracking
Innovative Solutions
Pioneering solutions for companies using Influencers in the field of Commerce, Creatives & other medias like Television